Delivered in a supernatural way from the Japanese soldiers



An English missionary tell in the Elim Evangel the following incident in connection with the war in Manchuria: ‘In their invasion of China, the Japanese troops came to a mission station where there were a number of devout people, some of whom were rejoicing in the Pentecostal experience. The native Christians had barricaded themselves in their compound and soon there was a loud knocking on the gates as one of the Japanese officers sought immediate admission, calling upon them to open the door before they burst it in. Eventually the door was burst open, and in rushed the Japanese soldiers taking hold first of one of the company of Chinese, a native evangelist. He was about to kill him when the man burst into an utterance in tongues in the power of the Spirit. The soldier stopped and after a moment or two said: ‘Why did you not tell me there were Japanese here?’ He was told there were no Japanese in the compound, but he insisted that there were Japanese, and said this man had just told him in Japanese that if any harm were done to the compound or its inhabitants the judgment of God would fall upon him and his fellow soldiers. As a result of that incident none of the believers in the compound were harmed, and shortly afterward a revival broke out among the Chinese in the district and many were brought to Christ.


From: Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, page 141