Her Gethsemane



"When My father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up." A year ago, when I was in Michigan, Dr, E__ said that twenty-five years ago, in the State of New York, a minister gave him this incident:

There was, in his church, a very pious and wealthy lady. Her husband was an infidel. They lived in a large mansion with everything at their command that wealth could give. They had an only daughter, a beautiful little girl. This mother had a Bible that she used to always carry to meetings with her. Soon she took sick and died. Before she died she called her little daughter to her bed and said: "My child, I am going to leave you. "You will be alone now, with only Jesus to help you, and I want to give you this Bible with my dying blessing. It has been such a comfort and blessing to me all through my life."

Some time after, she carried her Bible to meeting. The Spirit of God arrested her attention, and she was brought to the light and the happiness of the Gospel. Her father heard her singing at home. His ire was aroused. He, in his heart, hated God, and ministers, and Jesus, and the Bible, and religion. That night he said; " My daughter, I heard you singing, perhaps you think you have become a Christian." "Yes, papa; I am so happy; I think I have been converted." I don't suppose he would have spoken an unkind word to that child for anything but religion. "My child, " said he, "I hate God, and I hate the Bible, and I will provide your needs, and money to give you as good a home as your heart can wish; but, if you are going to have religion you must leave your home. You can take your choice. Let me know tomorrow morning whether you will give up religion or your home; one or the other you must do."

She went up into her chamber and knelt down and opened her Bible, and her eye rested on the passage: "When your father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up." In a moment, it seemed as if God helped her to a decision. She said, "I will go with my Lord." She came down in the morning. "Well, my daughter, what is the decision?" "Papa, I love you, and I love my home, but I love Jesus more, and I have concluded to go." He opened the door angrily. "There is the way." The darling child dropped her head and went out, not knowing whither she was going.

She walked down the street some distance, and by and by inadvertently, turned in toward the bushes. In a little space she found a log, and there she bowed in prayer to God for that hardhearted infidel father. By and by seeing what he had done, his heart began to relent. I have no doubt God was in it, for in His Word He says, "...a little child shall lead them;" and He has a great many ways for little children to lead them. He soon followed her. As he passed down by the wood he heard the sweet voice of his daughter. He followed it,. and found her praying. He stepped over the log, got down by her side put his arm around her neck and kissed her in the midst of her prayer. That was her Gethsemane. -- Albert P. Graves