Will you cease to pray?



On the 28th of March, 1849, fourteen Christians were condemned to death on account of their faith. The place at which they suffered was a precipitous rock on the west side of Antanarivo, the capitol of Madagascar. The precipice overlooked a drop of at least 150 feet to the rocks below. On arriving at the edge of the rock, a rope was firmly tied round the body of each, and one by one they were lowered a little way over the precipice. While in this position and when it was hoped by their persecutors that their courage would fail, the executioner, holding a knife in his hand, stood waiting for the command of the officer to cut the rope. Then, for the last time, the question was addressed to them: "Will you cease to pray?" But the only answer returned was an emphatic "No." Upon this, the signal was given, the rope was cut, and in another moment their mangled and bleeding bodies lay upon the rocks below. -- Dictionary Of Illustrations