Stopped by terrorists



Incident happened in Peru in 1992


The terrorists stood in front of the roadblock waving their guns at the motorists. ‘Get out of your car and form a single line’, one of them ordered. Pastor Romulo Saune and three friends – all Christian workers – had been driving back from a church party and were in a festive mood. Now, they quickly obeyed the terrorist’s instructions and stood in line with the other passengers.

Saune quickly sized up the situation. Five buses had been burned and six bodies lay on the ground, murdered by the Senderistas, a Marxist group in Peru. As he stood waiting, he felt the compassion of God for the Senderistas and decided to present the Gospel to them. He boldly told them: ‘God loves you and I love you. There is no sin that cannot be forgiven. Even now, God is willing to forgive your sins because He loves you. The blood of the Lord Jesus can clean and purify your souls’.

At first, the Senderistas listened very attentively as the Gospel was presented. Then they were interrupted by another terrorist, who seemed to be the leader of the group. Waving his gun, he told the four Christians: ‘You are guilty of fooling the people with your religion. Today, you are being judged’.

Without any more words, the terrorist leader opened fire. The bodies of the four martyrs fell – first on their knees as if they were praying to God and then to the ground. The witnesses of this massacre testified that Pastor Romulo died saying: ‘God, I love You! Jesus, I Love You!’

Romulo Saune was well-known among Christians for his translation of the Holy Bible into Quechua-Ayacucho, the language of his people. For many years, he had laboured to complete this massive work, travelling to Lima, Peru, as well as to the United States.

A short time before the massacre, Pastor Romulo had returned to Chakiqpampa, Peru, his birthplace, to celebrate the anniversary of the church were his grandfather, Pastor Justiniano Quicana, had been assassinated by the Senderistas in December 1989.


Extracted from: Jesus Freaks, Eagle Publishing, Printed in United Kingdom 2000, pages 186-187