Ove Falg was born in Copenhagen on the 24th of November, 1900. He was brought up in the Lutheran Church of Denmark. He was not an atheist, yet he was pretty indifferent to Religious matters. His confessional position was that of a traditionalist Protestant, nothing else.

…. In 1925 he met a group of young Christians from England. He met them in the French Scandinavian family which was in Paris. Those young Christians were candidates destined to a missionary work in France and belonged to a branch of the Pentecostal Movement, and among them was the future Welsh evangelist M. Thomas Roberts.

That meeting shook deeply the soul of that Danish young man, who experienced a real conversion. That conversion gave an entirely new direction to his life. After a Danish pastor baptized him by immersion in the Church called ‘The Tabernacle’ in Paris, he felt in him a powerful call of God to work in France.

That call was fulfilled after a year of Bible study spent at the Elim Bible College of London, under the headship of George Jeffreys.

During a missionary meeting at the college, an English missionary who had come from France, spoke to the young students about the pressing need of young workers for the harvest of souls in France. She acted as spokesman for Mr and Mrs Scott, who had just started a wonderful evangelistic work in the town of Havre; they started it in 1930, when the Pentecostal Revival began in France.

That English sister addressed a moving appeal for help to her young listeners; Mr and Mrs Scott were asking some young brothers, baptized with the Holy Spirit and zealous for the salvation of souls, to join them as soon as possible in order to help them in that mission in France. Pale because of the emotion and seized by a deep conviction, Ove Falg said to himself: ‘This appeal is for you’.

Some weeks later, he was welcomed with open arms by Miss Biolley and by the friends Scott at the famous ‘Ruban Bleu’ [Blue Ribbon], Arsenal Square, in Havre. After his conversion, which took place in Paris, and before his ministry with Mrs and Mr Scott in the town of Havre, he had spent several years in Scandinavia. While he was in a farm of Jutland, he received the baptism with the Holy Spirit and spoke with several unknown tongues. However, he was still sceptical about the possibility of seeing some miracles of healing nowadays (Ah! the tenacious Protestant tradition), but God in His immense grace allowed him to eyewitness one of the most extraordinary miracles, which he really wanted to tell to us.

‘I believe that this experience was granted to me so that I might not doubt any longer about the divine power which is able to work the most amazing miracles. The incident is worth telling, so that we may affirm this truth and cling to it with a firm and unmovable faith. I will sum up the incident briefly.

In 1926, I was in the city of K. in Denmark. At that time there was an evangelistic work going on, and a brother, who was a quite rough man with a language not so academic, was used by God in that particular work, and that event leads us directly to the text in the first epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, chapter 1, verses from 26 to 29.

It was summer and the open-air meetings were at the height. One day, our brother was called to visit a family in which the wife of a poor shoemaker was dying of a widespread cancer. She had been operated and the surgeon had taken away some organs from her body, so her womb was made barren forever. Now, the disease was spreading over the other organs and the poor woman was declared incurable. The family doctor, who was a practicing protestant, had warned the sick woman with caution that she would not live much longer. It was then that, during a beautiful summer day, she heard through the open window the penetrating voice of our evangelist – that day, he stressed with more power the truth concerning the healing of our diseases which can be done by God if we are willing to believe: “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). And that’s what happened on that day. In spite of the reticence and the objections of her husband, who was a Lutheran and very hostile to the Pentecostal Movement, he heeded the persistent requests of his wife, who asked him to call for the evangelist so that he might pray for her. He came and after he made a fervent prayer to God with an assured faith, he left the family with a kind word of encouragement.

After that prayer nothing seemed to have happened. However in the evening, about midnight, the wife who was sleeping alone in her room had a vision: she saw the Lord Jesus standing near her bed. The whole room was lit up by a sweet and wonderful light. The beauty of Jesus was ineffable and shining, yet not blinding; both His hands, which had the nail marks of the cross, were stretched out toward her. With a tender voice and great authority, Jesus said to her: ‘My daughter, I have come to answer the prayer of my servant! You are healed!’ In that very moment, a sweet heat spread throughout her sick body and she felt a strange sensation, like an upheaval in her internal organs followed by a pleasant calm and a perfect wellbeing. After that, Jesus disappeared and she fell into a sound sleep.

The next morning, she woke up at the usual time, as when she was not sick. She got up in order to prepare the breakfast for her husband and her four children. The initial moment of surprise passed, and when they realized the reality of that great miracle, they called the doctor in charge, who thought that they called him so that he might write the death certificate but when he also established that an extraordinary miracle had just taken place he began to weep. The surgeon who had performed the operation on the woman was astonished. Actually, he was not an atheist, however he had a deist conception of the universe. Nevertheless, after he examined very carefully the woman that he himself had operated, he said with a trembling voice and fixing his eyes on the happy couple and their children: ‘God forces me to believe in miracles’.

To conclude this story, let me add that the next year in the family the fourth son was born, and after another year a baby girl was born, so the children of that family reached number six: that was the absolute proof of the authenticity of that miracle.

As far as I am concerned, I can’t praise God enough for letting me be the eyewitness of such a glorious incident in one of our Pentecostal Assemblies. That experience I had at the beginning of my Christian life has always protected me from any doubt about the miraculous in the Gospel and has given me a powerful argument against those who, because of their ignorance and inexperience, teach against the scriptural truth of divine healing. Glory to the Holy Name of Jesus Christ!

Where God manifests His power in such a marvellous way it is quite right to expect many souls to turn to Jesus Christ and actually that little town in Jutland afterward experienced a spiritual revival that touched all the religious circles of the town.

To me, as far as the Pentecostal Movement in France is concerned, the appeal of the Master must be heard in our broken and humbled hearts: ‘Return, my people, unto what was at the beginning! Find your first love again and do the first works again!’


Vie & Lumière October-November-December 1966 -– n° 29



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