Sande Lofberg believed God could heal, but would he? As Lord of the universe, did he not have more important issues to attend to than touching her body? She thought so. I will let Sande tell you about her miracle.

In the late 1950s I developed asthma. I was also allergic to many animals, plants, and foods. I controlled my symptoms with a combination of shots and oral and inhaled medications. Several times I had to be hospitalized for breathing difficulties. On other occasions my husband had to take me to the emergency room for treatment.

My husband's Air Force career took us to England, where the damp cold and the air pollution caused my condition to worsen. When we returned to Idaho, the air was drier, but pollen and dust became a major problem.

I began attending a Bible study taught by a chaplain's wife. One week she read selections from a book about ordinary people who had been healed of all kind of afflictions. I had already taken my medicines that morning. Even so, as she read, I began to wheeze. The wheezing increased and was painful because I also had a case of pleurisy, an inflammation of the lining of the lung. Nancy, the study leader, came to sit next to me. "Do you believe Jesus can heal you?" she asked.

Just a few weeks earlier I had acknowledged Jesus as my Savior. I believed he could heal. But I didn't think he would. Why, there were many more problems in the world larger than my need! But I answered yes to Nancy's question. She prayed, asking Jesus to touch my body and heal me.

In moments, a warm sensation filled my body, radiating from my chest. I stopped wheezing. I coughed several times and took a deep breath. Then another breath, deeper than I could ever remember taking. In my joy, I stretched both hands up over my head, without any pain.

I knew Jesus had died for the sins of the world, but this physical healing was something very personal. He wasn't "too busy" to show his love and power to a woman who had just begun to know him.

That was in 1975. I have been free of asthma and allergies ever since, even after returning to England for two more tours of duty with my husband.

Sande received a healing touch from God--even when she was hesitant to believe. Maybe you too think God is too busy for your problem. He's not. Just turn to him and talk to him about your greatest need.


From: Miracles Happen When You Pray by Quin Sherrer, 1997, pag. 130, 131, Zondervan Publishing House,  Grand Rapids, Michigan.