The "mighty wind" was heard again



John Easton was holding a meeting in the forest. Hundreds had gathered to hear him. While all were listening to his words in breathless silence, suddenly a rushing sound as of a mighty wind smote their ears. All eyes were instantly turned upwards, but no storm had smitten the forest; still the awful wind swept over and around them. Hundreds of men and women fell upon their faces, stricken down by the mighty power of God. The cry of conviction that arose was appalling; even the holiest Christians trembled in the presence of that mysterious sound. The work of conversion was instantaneous as the work of conviction, and many witnesses for Christ arose in the midst of the awe-stricken multitude. The effects of this display of divine power were great. The work spread far and near, and hundreds were added to the Lord.


From: ILLUSTRATIONS By Abbie C. Morrow