A blind woman sees. Converted when 103



Sister and Brother Leigh send us word of a remarkable case of a Chinese woman 103 years old.

I would like to tell you about an old lady 103 years of age, who was taken to be with the Lord a week last Saturday. Nearly six months back Cheo (the evangelist) and I were brought in touch with her. At that time she had just gone blind. The evangelist exhorted her to put away her idolatry and believe, boldly promising her that if she did then the Lord would forgive her sins and restore her sight. The response was so whole-hearted that we received a most blessed inspiration, and, after taking down her false things, we prayed the Lord to graciously undertake, which He did, and the next day or the day following her sight was restored--all glory to Jesus! Well, since that time she has been a regular worshipper of the Lamb. The illumination of the Spirit was most blessed, and she went to sleep in Jesus without a tremor. I went to see her the day before she passed over, and as I stood by her she asked what the music was which she heard, and just before she closed her eyes on earth she called her nephew who was waiting upon her and said: I am going, but do not sorrow, for I am going to Jesus; when I have gone do not use anything of a false character, for all is well. And then she passed peacefully from this poor old world to the land of eternal day. The following day (Sunday) the whole church turned out and, in procession through the city, singing the songs of Zion, escorted her to her Iast resting place on earth. How good of the Lord, after 103 years of gross darkness and superstition, to lead her into His marvellous light!


From: Confidence, No. 125, April-June 1921, pag. 30, Sunderland, England