PLYMOUTH. Remarkable Case of Healing





Amongst several other remarkable cases of Divine Healing which have signified the Presence of our beloved Lord with us at Emmanuel, Plymouth, is that of a sister in Christ visiting with her husband and children from Gloucestershire.

She has been ill, very ill, for two years with floating kidney and heart disease. At one waiting meeting on Saturday afternoon, August 12th, after much conflict she came forward for laying on of hands and anointing. I felt the virtue of Jesus thrilling through me, and she likewise did in her body. In a minute she exclaimed: “Praise the Lord, I believe I am healed.” The same night she took off the belt and bandages, without which she could not get about, and now, a week afterwards, has told me the full story of operations, etc., and the preparation for another, how she had been unable to go for a drive, and the doctor said it would mean death, etc.; that the day before she had been for a long drive of twenty miles in a horse waggonette and was in perfect health. Hallelujah!

(The name of the sister is Mrs. Dimery, of Berkley, Gloucestershire.)


From: Confidence, Vol. IX, No. 9, September 1916, pag. 152, Sunderland, England