In a coal mine near the North-East Coast there is a peculiar gas in some parts of the mine which is very deadly to the eyes. A Pentecostal brother was working in a part of the mine where this gas “came away,” and was very near to losing his eyesight. He suffered sadly and got no relief, so he came to Sunderland, and in All Saints’ Vicarage an “Elder of the Church” prayed over him, anointing his eyes with oil in the Name of the Lord. He had faith to be healed, and the healing came swiftly. As he went out of the Vicarage gate into the street a Pentecostal sister, who lives opposite, saw him full of rejoicing--praising the Lord for his restored eyes.

What was he to do now? Was he to go back amongst the deadly gas which was so specially strong in the part where he worked; or should he ask to be removed to some other place? If he did, then someone else would have to suffer from the gas.

He decided to go back, and he committed all to the Lord. Here comes the beautiful part. In his absence the good Lord sent some workmen into that region of the pit, and by an accident, as it were, they opened up connection with a ventilating passage not known to them. This caused a steady drawing of air which carried off continually all such noxious gas away from our brother altogether. When he next came to the meeting in All Saints’ Vestry he related what kind and loving things the Lord had done in (a) healing his eyes, in (b) taking off the bad gas, and (c) in strengthening his faith. His name is Bro. Noah Farmer, of Fence Houses, County Durham.


A. A. B.

From: Confidence, Vol. IX, No. 2, February 1916, pag. 36, Sunderland, England