Testimony to the Lord’s Healing After Forty-Seven Years’ of Suffering



I was brought to the Lord in the year 1884, but I never had the witness of the Spirit to the new birth until I went to the Holiness Hall, Croydon, in January of this year. I was taken ill 47 years ago with Rheumatic Fever. Heart disease followed, and then Fibrous Tumours. I went into the Croydon Infirmary, and stayed there 3˝ years, but they would not operate on account of my heart. I have been in five hospitals and two infirmaries. After that, my own doctor, Dr. Archibald Dukes, operated and took away the tumours, and then I had to wear instruments, which brought on abscesses. I have been a fearful sufferer ever since.

In May, 1895, I met with a severe accident to my foot, crushing the ankle bone, and had to go about on crutches until the leg was drawn right under me and my foot twisted round. Then I took to my bed in December, 1895, and have been bed-ridden--could not be moved for 13 years and eight months. I was full of corruption. Had a cradle over me, as I could not bear the clothes to touch me. About six years ago, two young ladies from the Holiness Hall began to visit me, as well as other Christian friends. These young ladies told me how the Lord was blessing there, and filling His people with His Holy Spirit and healing their sick bodies. They helped me by prayer from time to time, until the Lord gave me a deep cry in my own soul, and I prayed: “Oh, Heavenly Father, look down upon this poor lone widow woman. You know all about my suffering. Heal me or take me. I am weary of these long years of suffering.” Then I was taken with great pain, and began to vomit. It was so terrible I thought I was dying, but it was the healing. All the corruption passed from me, and I was as thin as a child.

About Christmas time one of the young ladies brought me a magazine, “The Latter Rain Evangel,” and read the wonderful cases of healing.

Well, I could not sleep all night. I told the Lord I would give myself right up to Him, to do as He liked with me. All at once I felt such a strange sensation in my foot and leg, like the pricking of pins, and I found I could move my leg and stretched it out, and my foot turned round. No pain. Glory to Jesus. I soon tried to put it to the ground and take a step or so, for it was whole, like the other, after 18 years. Then the young ladies took me in a bath chair to the Holiness Hall, and Pastor Inchcomb anointed me, and all the displacement was put right. No further need of instruments.

Well now, the dear Lord had not done all He wanted, for two weeks ago I was reading my Bible (the 103rd Psalm), and was taken with sharp pains in my head and eyes. I was obliged to lay the book, down, with my glasses, which I had used since I was 25 years of age (of course, I had them changed many times). After a time the pain went off. I then took, up the book again and read with perfect ease, and found I had been reading without my glasses, and, praise the Lord, have not used them since, and can read small print. Also my hearing was bad, and the Lord has perfectly restored that. Glory to His Name!

I am now turned 71 years of age. He has healed me of fibrous tumours, abscesses, internal misplacement, a crushed ankle bone, and given me sight and hearing. I now attend the meetings, do my own house work, and am enjoying life in the Lord.

I’m sure dear Pastor Inchcomb would be pleased to give my address, or any further information about my healing.


From: Confidence, Vol. VII, No. 7, July 1914, pag. 135, Sunderland, England