All glory to His blessed Name--Jesus, Saviour. Our sister, who lives in Sunderland, gives the account in her own words. Her first public testimony was given on Sunday last, February 25th, 1912, at a Bible Class in a Church Vestry, where there was a large attendance. A timid, retiring little woman about 50 years of age, at first it was quite an effort to her, but the knowledge that it was for the Lord’s glory soon gave her confidence, and all our hearts were moved by her simple, earnest story.

“Quite two years ago I began to notice a swelling on my breast and under my left arm, which rapidly began to increase, the pain at times being very bad to bear. I went to my Vicar’s wife, and she prayed with me, but, although I got a certain amount of relief and comfort, I knew in my heart I did not believe, and at last I went for the Infirmary and was examined by three of the best doctors there. They had a long talk together and then told me I was to be good to myself, and take all the care I could of myself, but they could do nothing for me. No operation could be performed--it was too firmly rooted in me, and I was not young enough to bear it. Well, I was very downcast at this. A lady visitor came to see me, and pointed out to me that man could do nothing for me. Would I not trust the Lord wholly? I had got my mind fixed on a visit to a good Christian doctor, and thought if I could only go to him he might help me. So the lady, seeing I would not be satisfied with anything else, agreed that I should go. Well, he examined me and said it was a bad case of Cancer, but he thought if I went into the Infirmary at once and had an operation, it might cure me. I left him more discouraged than ever, and as the pain was now awful to bear, and a great hole had appeared in the lump, and my neck was drawn down, and altogether I was a pitiable object to look at, I thought I could not bear it any longer, but would go and drown myself.

“On a Sunday evening, at last I made my mind up to do it. My daughter asked me where I was going on such a wet night, and as I had no good reason to give for going out, said she would go with me, thinking I was not safe to be left. I was so wretched, and miserable, and racked with pain, I did not know where I was going, when I found myself at AIl Saints’ open-air gathering near by, and a man’s voice rang out: ‘Is there anyone here who feels miserable and despairing, and at an end of all things, hear the voice of Jesus saying, ‘Come unto Me all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest,’ and my poor heart just cried out with hungry yearning, ‘Oh, Lord Jesus, I come, I do come, I come now to Thee.’ It seemed as if all my being went out to Him, and I felt I’d like to go face downwards on the wet stones, but, as I looked up and the tears ran down my face, a wonderful thing happened. All my awful pain went away, right away, and a glorious peace and rest came into my soul, and I turned to my daughter and said: ‘Come away hinney, come home. I’m healed. The Lord has healed me and blessed me. Let us get home and I’ll have some supper, for I’m hungry.’ Before this I could not eat anything, but now I felt I could. Well, through the night the devil came and tempted me, and said I was not healed, and sure enough the pain came back, and for a moment or two I went down in spirits, then I said: ‘directly it is morning I’ll go to my Christian friend, she’ll help me.’ Sure enough, I did go early in the morning, and she said: ‘Won’t you now trust the Lord, and give Him the glory.’ I said I would, so she laid hands on me, and, as she did, faith, the faith of God, came into my heart, and I knew the Lord had come.

‘‘From that moment the lumps began to go down, and I had no more pain. I got stronger, and last week I washed a three weeks’ large washing, and felt no worse.

“But I must tell you, I went to take one of my daughters to the Christian doctor for herself, and when he saw me, he said: ‘Oh, Mrs. ---------; I’ve often wondered about you. Did you go through the operation, and how are you? ’No,’ I said, ‘No operation for me. The Lord Himself healed me, and I am well.’ So he said, ‘I would like to examine you, if you don’t mind.’ I let him, and he said, ‘Well, this is a miracle. There is no trace of cancer, all disease is gone. There is only a small, drawn-in place, and if that fills up, there is no sign of anything.’ And now that is filled up, and I am every whit whole. I’m just His ‘bairn’ now, and if I make a slip, why I just look up to Him and say, ‘Lord Jesus, I’m your bairn now, you must keep me,’--and He does. Glory to Jesus!”

So ended her simple story. You won’t be surprised to hear that we sang the Hallelujah Hymn Chorus twice over, with all our hearts saying, ‘‘Praise Him! Praise Him! ” Many unbelievers have often said, “Nerves, colds, and fanciful complaints may be healed, but can you give a case of Cancer or any deadly disease being healed?” And now--although not the first--it is a most wonderful case of healing, and regeneration as well. Hallelujah! The Lord God Omnipotent reigneth!


From: Confidence, Vol. V, No. 3, March 1912, pag. 65, 66, Sunderland, England