I was taken ill in the autumn of 1910 with pains in the stomach. At the end of September I consulted a doctor, and was under his supervision for a fortnight. On the 10th October I was ordered into the Isle of Wight County Hospital, and was told that I should remain there for three days. On the 14th October I underwent an operation which lasted 2˝ hours, and I was kept on my back until the 18th November, when I underwent a second operation which also took 2˝ hours. The doctor removed nine inches of my large bowel, which was sent to the Pathological Institute, London, for examination, and they reported that the disease was cancer. I remained on my back until the 10th March, when I was discharged from the Hospital as cured. During the summer I was able to engage in casual work until about a fortnight before Christmas, when I had reason again to consult my doctor, who ordered me to take tonics.

On Christmas Day I was taken suddenly ill again with violent pain in the stomach. My brother-in-law rushed off for the doctor, who brought a nurse with him. After examining me, he said that the only thing he could do was to give me various enemas every day. They attended me for three weeks, and then the doctor told my wife that the only thing that could possibly prolong my life was to go into the hospital at once, as I had another growth in the stomach, near the seat of the other operation. If I did not go into the Hospital, I should only live about two months, but if I was operated upon again I might last six months longer, but would never do any more work.

On the same night as the doctor broke this news to my wife, I had placed in my hand a booklet on “Divine Healing,” part of which I read myself, and during the evening my wife finished reading it to me. She then asked me what I thought of it. I said I would read it again in the morning. I was surprised to learn that others had been healed of similar diseases to my own, by trusting in the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. I had been a Christian for twenty years, but had never believed in Jesus Christ as the Healer of the body. I then consulted my mother-in-law, Mrs. Karley, who frequently attended Pentecostal meetings in Ryde, and knew about Divine Healing. I asked her if she could tell me of anyone who could come to my bedside and explain the matter fully.

I might say here that I had up to this time been greatly opposed to my mother-in-law going to these meetings. She at once went for a dear brother named S. W. Yeats, of 17 High Street, Oakfield, Ryde, at whose house the meetings are now held. He came and taught me more on the subject and prayed for me. I at once saw the hopelessness of my case apart from Jesus Christ, and I eagerly asked for the elders to pray for me, and anoint me with oil in the Name of the Lord, as the Scripture fully explains in James v. This was carried out the same evening by Bro. Yeats and others, and I took Jesus Christ as my Healer then and there. Up to this time I could get no sleep at night without taking strong drugs and having hot water bottles applied to ease the awful pain. Directly I was prayed for I put away all these things, and my pain ceased immediately, and I had a beautiful night’s rest. The growth in the stomach, which was visible to those who had examined me, disappeared, and the functions of the body became normal. The doctor came in the morning, and found a great change had taken place which he could not understand. Soon after the nurse also came, and was greatly surprised to see me so well. I got up from my bed and dispensed with the doctor, who said that I was a miracle. The nurse also said that it was a marvel.

Since that time I have been improving in health and able to go about my work, and am testifying to everyone I know of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for my body and soul. It is my intention, throughout the remainder of my life, by God’s help, to let people know what great things the dear Lord has done for me, and will do for all who will put their whole trust and confidence in Him, so that glory and honour may be brought to His precious Name for working such a miracle in my body.

“Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, and the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.’’

Glory to His Name, He is a Saviour for body, soul, and spirit.




13, Cross Street,

Eastfield, near Ryde, I. W.


From: Confidence, Vol. V, No. 2, February 1912, pag. 44, 45, Sunderland, England