ARMENIA. Testimony from Miss Gerber






Greetings with Psalm ciii., with my best wishes to all for the coming New Year.

In Mark vi., 31, the Lord said to His disciples: “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while.’’ It was after a severe illness this autumn that the blessed Lord did tell me the above kind words. Therefore I am here in my dear homeland, Switzerland, with my relatives, for some weeks. I shall be back to our Orphans Home again (D.V.) in early Spring, and perhaps I will be able to visit England before returning to my Field.

A simple testimony of my healing may be a help and a blessing to some of the dear Readers. It was in September when Malaria fever, with heart weakness, overtook me, and held me fast in bed for about one month. The fever was very high and heavy every day, my heart became so ill that swelling set in, I could not breathe without great difficulty, and I could not walk. Many natives pleaded with me to take medicine or to call a physician, but my conviction and my answer was that if I did this I would surely die. One night, whether I slept or was awake I do not know, my Lord appeared a few steps from me, and looked at me. At once I knew Him, He was so beautiful; love and glory overshadowed Him.

I did pray to Him to be kind and make me well, and that I would gladly remain yet a little in this dark world to serve Him. I asked Him to come near and touch my body. He did so, and the life-power flowed through my whole being, and from that hour I was better. In a few days I was able to walk, and to take up some of my work. Praise be to His Great and Holy Name!

The number of people in our new large house is about 250. Orphan children, widows, teachers, overseers, and other workers, and while the work is so large there is little chance of rest in such an Institution. It is so kind of my Master to give me these few quiet winter months, although my heart is sore in knowing the need and the increasing poverty and sufferings in that restless land. Yet I will gladly suffer with the suffering ones, and I shall return joyfully in Spring. We need for that land a stronger prayer-power, as the powers of darkness are very strong. One thing more is lying very heavy upon my heart, for which I want to ask earnest prayer. That is that the Spirit of God may break through in our Home in Armenia. There are hindrances in the way that are holding back the Lord from manifesting His Power in our midst. Pray for unity among the workers there. Pray for a real, deep, Holy Ghost revival.

Yours, looking for His coming, resting under the Blood,




From: Confidence, Vol. V, No. 1, January 1912, pag. 9, 10, Sunderland, England