Little Samuel begins to walk and run



Last year we had about this time a Pentecostal Conference, and a brother said his child could not walk. A brother prayed that the child might walk. The Lord heard his prayer, and the child immediately began to walk. I had also a small boy who was in his second year. He could not yet walk or run alone. When I heard this brother relate about his child, at once I prayed in the Spirit, “Oh, Lord, Thou canst also make my boy walk.” At the other end of the hall my wife was in the gallery, and without knowing what I was doing she also prayed. The child, named Samuel, was asleep when they returned. The next morning when the child was awake, he was set down by the side of the bed, so that he could hold himself up. The maid knew nothing of the prayer on the previous evening, and she turned from the child to do something. When she turned back she was amazed to see the child running all about the room, and from that morning little Samuel had been able to walk very quickly. That was through prayer in the Holy Ghost, and it was useful to the outward life.



Confidence, Vol. IV, No. 8, August 1911, pag. 183, 184, Sunderland, England