That glory may be brought to our precious Saviour through the thanksgiving of many, I wish to bear my testimony to the healing power of the Blood of Christ Jesus our Lord. Being a sufferer from Gastric Ulcer in the stomach, I was informed by the doctor that the only cure would be to undergo an operation. This I did not consider to be the will of the Lord. However, I continued looking to the Lord for guidance on the matter, and ultimately agreed to go to the Manchester Royal Infirmary to be examined by a specialist, in order that they might ascertain if an operation was necessary. The time fixed was Wednesday, March 29th. On Sunday, March 26th, two beloved brethren from Preston paid a visit to Stanley Hall, Longsight, where the Lord, as you are no doubt aware, has been pouring out ’His Spirit, even giving the like gift as unto them at the beginning.

At the evening meeting one of the brethren spoke on Divine Healing, and the invitation was given to the meeting for those who desired to be healed to have the Word of God carried out, and be anointed with oil according to James v., 14-15. Together with others I went forward to be anointed with oil and prayed for, with the laying on of hands. When this was done I immediately felt relief, all glory to Him who bore our sicknesses in His own Body on the tree. Hallelujah.

I decided to keep my appointment with the physician, and after being carefully examined by him, he declared there was no trace of an ulcer, glory to the Lamb! and since that time I have not had the slightest symptoms of any trouble whatever. “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless and praise His Holy Name, Who forgiveth all our iniquities, and healeth all our diseases.” Truly ’’this same Jesus” is still going about doing good, and healing all that are oppressed of the devil.

With abundant thanks to our glorious Lord, and love to the saints in Christ Jesus,



50 Rushford Street, Longsight,

Manchester, June 22nd, 1911.


From: Confidence, Vol. IV, No. 7, July 1911, pag. 166, Sunderland, England