Report from the Channel Islands








I must thank you through Christ for the blessing I have received in reading your little book “HEALTH IN CHRIST.” I had for many years suffered from a weak knee, that at times I could hardly walk. A friend of mine lent me your little book, and as I was reading all alone with God, I believed there and then that he had power to heal the body as well as the soul. I began to walk in my room better, and said Yes Lord I believe it, and went to the stairs, and the Devil said Hold on to the handrail, you are going to fall. I told him he was a liar, and praise God, I went running down the stairs. My friends were surprised, they could hardly believe it; even some worldly relations of mine say it is wonderful. The devil tells me sometimes that it is not true; but I cling to God, and say yes I believe, help me, and he departs for a time. Ever since you came to Jersey I have not forgotten to pray for you every morning that your books may be a blessing to all those that would read them. So dear Mr. Boddy, I wish you God speed in your work. God bless you and make you still a greater blessing to many more; it is the prayer of my heart.

I remain, yours in Christ,




From: Confidence, No. 2, May 1908, pag. 18, Sunderland, England