As an humble follower of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I desire to witness to His glory and honor, and testify to His divine and miraculous interposition in my behalf, hoping that it may help some other poor sufferer. In November 1898 I was suffering from cancer in the breast, for which my doctor advised me to have no operation, telling me I should live a little longer without. I also had a severe stomach cough in an advanced stage, producing excessive haemorrhage. And in reference to my severe cough two doctors told me they had done all that medical skill could do; at the same time it was getting worse. Also I was troubled with a fearful nervous disease of many yearsí standing when, to all human appearances, my life was nearing its close. Then the Lord mercifully brought me into contact with a lady who had been healed of the Lord about thirteen years previous, who told me what the Lord had done for her. He was able and willing to do for me and, praise the Lord, He enabled me to believe in His power and willingness to heal. On the eighteenth day of the same month I was prayed with by those in the faith, when I definitely put my poor diseased body into the Lordís hands, and rested upon that finished work of our blessed Saviour, who bears our sins and sickness Himself. Next day I collected all medicines, etc., which were very numerous, and destroyed them, then I wrote to my doctor asking him to send in his account, as I had put my case into the Lordís hands and was


heal me; therefore I should not require his services again. Although for years previously I had taken large quantities of medicines, but from that day to the present I have had none. To God be all the glory. About a month after I was anointed with oil in the name of the Lord according to James 5,14-15, after which I had several severe testings of faith, as my diseases appeared to get worse rather than better for about a month; after that I gradually improved, and by the end of September, 1899, I was perfectly well, and I am well to-day. I am a living witness of the Lordís healing and keeping power. Hallelujah.


15 Waverley Road,

Southsea, April 23rd, 1908.


From: Confidence, No. 2, May 1908, pag. 18, Sunderland, England