Several authentic cases of healing were brought before me at this place. One, Mrs. Miller, who had been fearfully ill with diphtheria; so ill was she that both speech and hearing were gone, and her throat was one white mass of disease. Robert Pinkerton, who had been anointed with the Spirit, laid hands on her, when

The Fire of God Went trough Her,

the pain left her, the throat returned to its normal state again. Then she got up and dressed herself, and went down to the Baptist Church, giving thanks to God and mingling in the tongues with the others. All her disease had instantly gone. A year ago, when I was taking the meetings for the week-end at this Hall, the girl who played the organ for me told me she was going out to Australia, as she had consumption, and she said this would be her last day in the church. I said I had been there too, and knew it well, and that there was a splendid sanatorium at Echuka, on the banks of the Murray River. After going out to Newcastle, seventy miles above Sydney, she grew worse and worse, and the doctors said to her father, “Take her home to Scotland again, as she is just dying here.” She arrived home at Kilsyth a week before the outpouring took place. When it began she entered into it, weak as she was, and received her Pentecost with the gift of tongues; but the most marvellous thing was, all her consumption was taken out of her, and she is simply transformed in body and soul, so that one can scarcely believe that she is the same girl. AIl this is just as it should be. Other cases came before me, of which I will write you again. To God be the praise!--(JOHN MARTIN, 35. Airbles Street, Motherwell.)


From: Confidence, No. 2, May 1908, pag. 17, Sunderland, England