Germany: boy healed of accident injuries



Wilfried Mann, an evangelist from southern Germany, tells of a woman who he noticed during an evangelistic event, apparently depressed and with problems. She told him "I'm disappointed with God, and can no longer believe." Her son had had an accident when he was 5 years old, with the result that he had almost completely lost his hearing and sense of balance. The doctors told her that there was nothing they could do. She had prayed, but God did not answer, and was now bitterly disappointed. People had encouraged her to visit the event and hear God's Word 'because faith comes by hearing the Word of God'. On the last evening, she came with renewed faith, and prayed with Mann for her son. "When I asked the boy whether he could hear me, he told me 'Yes, I hear you!'" His mother was beside herself with joy and amazement. Some weeks later, I learned that his sense of balance had been restored too. Years later, while preaching in a different town, a woman with a teenage son approached me. It was the same woman, and she said "I just wanted to show you my son. He is completely healed!"


Source: Wilfried Mann, fax (+49)-7761-58767; e-mail


Friday Fax 2003 Issue 31, 15 August