They shall cast out devils (demons)



You only have to read Pastor Hsi, one of Chinaís Christians, to realise that this is not out of date, and that in 1970 the demon world is just as much under the power of the Name of the Lord Jesus as when He was on earth.

Here are one or two of the many cases in my own experience. Our evangelist Ngaiusa had been preaching in a village of time-expired workmen. These were more intelligent, more used to white manís ways than the average native, so that after years of service for the State they were given a place near the Government Post in which to spend their last days.

The wife of one of these men was deeply moved by the gospel and she wished to make a public confession of her faith in Christ, but her husband forbade her becoming a Christian. Then suddenly she went mad. At least that is what the world calls it. The whole village was soon upset by her paroxysms of rage. Generally at night she would rush up and down the village screaming, using filthy insults at everyone, breaking food store-pots and even setting fire to huts. She had superhuman strength at such times, throwing down, mauling and tearing to ribbons the clothes of any who attempted to stop her.

The husband blamed Ngaiusa for it all. When she was not in these intense rages she would sit moping, silent, neither eating herself nor preparing food for her family. She was put down at the evangelistís door and he was told, ĎHenceforth whatever damage she does, you and not I must pay the costsí.

Poor Ngaiusa! He was greatly disturbed and came to ask us what to do. The whole of the local church went to prayer and fasting. I pointed out that we must act in faith on the promise of Mark 16:17, relying on the power of the Name of Jesus. This was done. The demons were expelled, and the whole neighbourhood saw the woman delivered, saved, clothed and in her right mind.

One day I halted my auto in a village where a poor man sat in a chair with his neck fastened in a forked pole by an iron bar behind, and his hands and feet made fast to the same pole by a stout wire. I went and spoke to him, though his relatives warned me not to approach him as he was dangerous. I told him of the power of the crucified and risen Christ, and then commanded the demons, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, to leave him.

Several days later, returning by the same road, we overtook a happy, smiling man, walking along singing to the accompaniment of a little native musical instrument. It was the same man, and he was completely delivered.

Now, these things are happening today and not only in the first days of the dispensation.


W. F. P. Burton


From: W. F. P. Burton, Signs following, pages 40-42