God’s power



In 1928 I was attending the meetings of an evangelist, George Jeffreys, in Leeds Town Hall. There were crowds of around three thousand listening to his ministry, and after preaching the gospel of God’s saving grace, the evangelist explained bodily healing to the people and prayed with the sick.

One afternoon a big powerful man struggled in on crutches. An accident had left him so horribly mangled that his distorted ankles had turned and his feet faced backwards instead of to the front. We went to where he sat hunched together on a chair, and asked if we could try to make him a little more comfortable, but the poor fellow said, ‘No! leave me. I’m never comfortable’.

After the evening meeting they prayed with him anointing him with oil in the Name of the Lord, and later as he was leaving the meeting, my friend Seth Wigglesworth was walking with his two daughters just ahead of the cripple, and had reached the vestibule when he shouted: ‘Look out’! A moment later the man behind was jumping, shouting and swinging his useless crutches in the air. He had suddenly found that his feet and legs had become perfectly whole. He was so wild with delight that he nearly struck one of the daughters with a crutch.

That thing was not done in a corner. Three thousand people had seen him distorted with pain and twisted in body. They now saw him straight and strong. Could any man say in the face of such an incident that God does not heal through His servants today? That night, so greatly was God’s power upon the meeting, that over three hundred decisions for Christ were recorded.


W. F. P. Burton


From: W. F. P. Burton, Signs following, page 30