God healed my mother



Late in the nineties of last century some careless workmen opened a drain in the basement of our home and left the cover off. Volumes of odourless but dangerous sewer gas rose into the house. The doctors said that it was a miracle that we were not all killed. My mother was so terribly affected that it cost her about 14 years of irritation, suffering and weakness. Nothing was spared to bring her healing. Indeed my father, who was a ship’s captain and only came home every six months, told me on his arrival he had to pay the doctors and chemists more than he had earned by his voyage round the world. I remember that the famous scientist, Sir Almroth Wright was paid £120 for a single bacteriological operation. All was of no avail. My mother who had been an unusually beautiful woman, lost all her hair and at times spent months in bed or on the sofa. About this time I was converted (1905). Mother was a whole-hearted believer, so that whenever I could get away from my engineering for a few days we would spend much time in reading God’s Word and praying together.

Our family doctor was a grand old gentleman as well as an excellent general practitioner. He told mother: ‘I’m sorry we can do absolutely nothing more for you, and do not want to run up bills needlessly, but I will just drop in occasionally to see you ‘on a friendly visit’.

One day mother and I read Mark 16 together and when we came to “These signs shall follow them that believe, in My Name they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”, I said: ‘Mother, we both believe. Let us do it’. I simply placed my hands on her head saying: ‘In the Name of the Lord Jesus’, that was all.

Next time Dr. Stone came, mother told him what had happened and from then on both the doctor and mother were amazed at the change. Her hair grew once more profusely, her skin cleared, the pains ceased. The doctor once remarked to me: ‘This is extraordinary. What the best medical men in the country have failed to accomplish in all these years, God has accomplished in a few weeks’. Would you snatch from that precious Name the glory which is its due? God healed my mother.


W. F. P. Burton


From: W. F. P. Burton, Signs following, pages 19-20