‘Demons must obey me’



Another striking instance was that of a man from whom two demons were cast out. The Lord had told the boys through prophecy and direct revelation: ‘Demons must obey me,’ and they saw the Lord prove His word. Had we space to give details, we could prove beyond any other possible explanation that actual living demons were cast out of one devil-possessed man. It would take too long to give the history of this man. We had known him a number of years, and he has since been with us six months. In short, he had been the victim of melancholy for many years. Because he was so bound in chains of darkness, he was ready to take his own life. We had kept him with us to prevent this. He was always sad. All effort to lead him to any knowledge of salvation through Christ was of no avail. His mind was blind to everything pertaining to the blood.

The Lord used three people in casting out the demons. One demon the size of a man had an awful, black appearance. Several children saw him come out. While being rebuked by one suddenly ‘filled with the Holy Spirit’ for that particular occasion, the demons put up a final fight for the man of their possession. The man’s hands clenched together; his eyes shut tight; his whole body became rigid and resisting.

Finally the Holy Spirit enlightened the man’s heart; his body relaxed; his hands went up to God in praise.

Several children saw the demon after he came out, rushing about in great anger, seeking whom he might enter or tear. All the children, having rushed in from where they had just sat down to their meal, stood about with uplifted hands, thanking and praising Jesus. Among these the demon saw no opportunity, for they were all looking to Jesus whose blood covered them.


From: H. A. Baker, Visions of Heaven, Whitaker House, Printed in the United States of America, 1973, pages 46-47