A young girl with crutches



The story of a young girl who had never walked before and was healed in the name of Jesus by Smith Wigglesworth


James H. Taylor of West Roxbury, Mass., wrote of a meeting of Wigglesworth’s in Washington, D.C.: ‘I think it will help our testimony to state that we had seats in the second row (front) from the healing corner, so that what happened during the healing hour was almost within hand reach. Just before the meeting began, we had noticed that a young girl, with crutches, was coming in. She was assisted by a man and woman. Her legs absolutely dangled, with the feet hanging vertically from them. From her waist she seemed to be limp and powerless. Room was made for her in the front row. When the invitation to be saved was given, she attempted to go forward aided by her assistants. Brother Wigglesworth, on seeing her start, said: ‘You stay right where you are. You are going to be a different girl when you leave this place’. When the rest had been dealt with Brother Wigglesworth turned to the girl and, having been told her trouble, said to the people: ‘This girl has no muscles in her legs; she has never walked before’. He laid his hands on her head and prayed and cried: ‘In the name of Jesus Christ, walk!’ Looking at her, he said: ‘You are afraid, aren’t you?’ ‘Yes,’ she replied. ‘There is no need to be. You are healed!’ he shouted. ‘Walk! walk!’ And praise God she did – like a baby just learning! Twice she walked, in that characteristic way, the length of the platform! Glory to God! When we left the room, her crutches were lying on the seat, and on reaching the sidewalk we saw her standing, as others do, talking with two girl friends. Glory to God in the highest and on earth – healing to those who believe. Amen.

The woman who assisted her forward was her mother, and the man was her uncle, who wept like a child during her healing. He testified in the evening meeting that she walked up the stairs at her home without assistance, repeated the fact that she had never before walked, and stated that her mother, who went forward for healing for a swelling on her breast, when asked about it said: ‘It’s gone!’.


From: Stanley Howard Frodsham, Smith Wigglesworth: apostle of faith, Assemblies of God Publishing House, Nottingham, 1974, page 47