Healed of cancer on the breast



A lady stood in line one day in Leeds, England, waiting for a bus. A nurse in uniform was next to her and they engaged in conversation. They discovered that they were both Christians and then the talk turned to the subject of sickness. The woman told the nurse that she had a son with a diseased thumb and she contemplated taking him to the hospital. ‘Don’t do that,’ said the nurse, ‘they may take it off. I’ll give you the address of someone who will pray for him and the Lord will heal his thumb’. By this time the bus had arrived; and although it was not going in the way the nurse wished to travel, she boarded it with the lady so that they might continue the conversation. On the bus the woman said to her: ‘I, too, am sick. I have a cancer on the breast’. Taking a small book from her bag, the nurse wrote on it the name and address of Smith Wigglesworth. ‘Write to him and you will get a reply’. Having finished her work for God, the nurse alighted at a convenient stop.

The sick woman wrote to Brother Wigglesworth, so we went to visit her and found the cancer in an advanced stage. Prayer was made for her, and then we left to make the twenty-five mile journey home. God completely delivered the woman, making her well and strong in her body. Feeling extremely well, she undertook to decorate her house. While emptying a cupboard she found an old Bible, and on opening it her eyes fell on a passage she had underlined with red ink. It read: ‘Thine health shall spring forth speedily’. She had marked that passage twelve years previously…….


From: Stanley Howard Frodsham, Smith Wigglesworth: apostle of faith, Assemblies of God Publishing House, Nottingham, 1974, pages 42-43