USA: Power of love from mouth of 3-year-old



Like every good mother who is pregnant again, Karen did everything she could to prepare her 3-year-old son Michael for the new baby. Medical examinations showed that the baby was a girl. Day for day, evening for evening, Michael sang songs for his little sister in Mum's womb. It was a normal pregnancy - until the delivery. Then the complications started. After a long struggle, the baby was born, but was only just clinging to life, so was rushed to the intensive care ward in St. Mary's hospital, Knoxville, Tennessee.

The doctors told Karen "There's not much hope. Be prepared for the worst!" Karen and her husband, members of the Panther Creek United Methodist Church in Morristown, Tennessee, had already prepared the baby's room in their house - and now had to make preparations for a place in the cemetery. Little Michael asked again and again to be allowed to see his little sister, saying "I just want to sing her something."

Children are strictly forbidden in the intensive care ward, but Karen thought that if Michael did not see his sister now, he would perhaps never see her. She dressed him in an overall, and they went together into the ward. The nurse saw immediately that Michael was a small child, and ordered Karen to take Michael out immediately. Karen, normally quiet, gathered all her courage and looked the nurse hard in the eyes, saying "He's not leaving until he's sung his little sister a song!"

She took Michael to his sister's bed, where the little baby was losing the battle for life. After a few moments, Michael began to sing, with the pure and innocent voice of a 3-year-old: "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when clouds are grey..." The little baby reacted immediately, her racing pulse stabilized. "Sing on, Michael," said Karen, with tears in her eyes. Michael continued his song: "You can't imagine how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away."

As Michael sang, the baby's troubled breathing also quietened. The nurse now had tears running down her cheeks too. The following day, the baby was so healthy that she could go home. The hospital staff called it a miracle.


Source: FFAX, Nicole and Sergio Jimenez, Mexico City, e-mail: