Sunder, a pharmacist in Madras, India, grew up as a Brahman and knew nothing of Jesus Christ. At the age of 30, he was diagnosed as suffering from Leukaemia. The doctors saw no hope of recovery, and Sunder was soon unable to leave his bed. Shortly before his expected death, he had an unusual experience: he saw his two white angels carry his spirit out of his body on a sort of stretcher and place him on a table. Lying there, he could see nothing other than a very bright light, and heard a voice say "I am Jesus." That was all. Immediately, he felt his spirit return to his body.

He sat upright in his hospital bed and astonished his relatives by proclaiming "Jesus is Lord!" and starting to remove all the needles and pipes from his body. The doctors and his relatives assumed he was delirious and had lost his mind. Sunder, however, insisted that he was healthy and wanted to go home, so the doctors, unable to do anything else, tested his blood again. To their complete surprise, they found no more indications of Leukaemia and could do nothing but release him from hospital.

Sunder then decided to become a Christian, married a Christian woman and now lives with his two small children south of Madras. He has not had any relapse since the event and continues to work in a pharmacy.


Source: Sadhu Chellappa, 15 Sivakami Puram, 1st Cross Street, BBC Enclave, Block H


House B, Madras 600041, India