Healed of brain cancer while eating



Incident happened in Indonesia


Alex, one of Eddy Leo's relatives, was suffering from terminal brain cancer. The doctors had recently given him no chance of survival. "Eat and do what you want. You are a dead man," they told him. Alex was not a Christian, but on hearing this depressing news, overcame his reluctance and attended one of Abbalove's celebration meetings. He decided to follow Jesus, and attended a house church the following day. While eating, Jesus appeared to him, and they held a silent conversation. Finally, Alex asked Jesus "Can you heal my cancer?" Jesus nodded, and Alex immediately sensed that something had happened in his head. "I think I'm healed," he told Leo, who advised him to return to the doctors to be examined. Four professors, all specialists for brain tumours, examined him and could only shake their heads in disbelief. Alex is completely healed, his brain normal. "It is an inexplicable miracle," according to the doctors.


From: http://www.jesus.org.uk/