Hugh Jeter, formerly a missionary to Peru (now in Cuba), after a visit to Chile, told us of this recent incident: ‘Arturo Espinoza weighed less than 100 pounds. The doctors had pronounced him in the last stages of tuberculosis, with only a piece of one lung left, and had told him he could not live more than five days. Instead of going right to bed as most of us might have done to conserve the remaining spark of life and perhaps live six days instead of five, Arturo immediately went to an open-air meeting and preached on the street corner. He then returned to the mission, knelt at the altar and told the Lord he was not going to give up till God healed him. ‘Some visiting brethren at the church that night had a vision. They saw an angel with a basin in one hand a surgical instrument in the other who approached Arturo as he knelt at the altar, opened up his back, took out the piece of a lung and put in two new lungs. When Arturo arose from his knees he was completely healed.

About two days later he went back to the doctor who had previously examined him. The doctor was astonished to see a man walk in whom he expected to be in a dying condition by this time, and still more astonished to find after examining him that the lungs were perfectly well, with no trace of tuberculosis. The astonished physician called in ten other doctors who also examined Arturo and pronounced him absolutely well.

Today that same man weighs over two hundred pounds. He is in perfect health, but the best part is that the Lord has used him to raise up an assembly in Chile which has about six hundred members.


From: Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, pages 186-187