Healings occurred in South Africa



Some healings occurred during the ministry of Richard Ngidi


In 1973 Ngidi conducted a gospel crusade at Lamontville in Durban. This gospel crusade, like many others, was highly successful with healings and miracles taking place almost on a daily basis.

A nursing sister from King Edward Hospital came to one of the services. When she saw the cripples walk and blind eyes opened, the deaf hearing, she decided to fetch her sickly husband from Wentworth Hospital who was suffering from a rare lung disease. The doctors had already started preparing to operate on him.

She asked the doctors to release her husband. After consultations with hospital authorities the man was released. This woman took her husband straight to the tent. When they arrived at the tent service they listened to the word of God. Richard Ngidi made it his custom not to pray for anyone without them listening to the word of God first. No matter how urgent the case, Ngidi would take his time.

After the sermon both the nursing sister and her husband gave their hearts to the Lord. Afterwards Ngidi asked for sick people to come forward. Then Ngidi said to the sick people: ‘Put your faith in the Lord’. He then touched them with his hands in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

Even before Richard Ngidi could pray for this particular man, the man started vomiting a lot of pus. The following day when x-rays were taken in hospital it was discovered that the man had no trace of sickness in his lungs. In fact the doctors said that the man had a brand new lung. Jesus, the great physician, had done a perfect job.

Another woman, Selina Dlamini, had a growth in her stomach for many years. She had been to witchdoctors, ‘prophets’ and ‘prophetesses’ to no avail. The only way out was to go to hospital so that the tumor could be removed. The day before she went to hospital someone told her of the gospel services where many sick people were receiving their healing.

She decided to go to the meetings. As pastor Ngidi was preaching, faith welled up within her. She believed that if she was prayed for, she would get healed.

When she came forward to be prayed for Ngidi said: ‘According to your faith it will be done unto you’. Among others, Selina Dlamini fell to the ground. When the helpers wanted to remove her, Ngidi said: ‘Leave her there, the Holy Spirit is operating on her’. Like someone travailing a birth the growth was released from her body. Fear fell upon the people. The next day she went for a medical check-up. The doctors gave her a clean bill of health.

A young crippled boy was carried by his mother into the tent. When Ngidi saw the young boy he was moved. He said that when Jesus performed a miracle it was a complete job.

He gave an illustration of the man at the pool of Bethesda. The man was healed instantly and he had power to carry his own bed.

Then Ngidi went to the young boy and commanded him ‘to stand up and run in Jesus Name’. The young boy stood up and ran out of the tent at a very high speed. People had to run after him to bring him back. When they asked him why he was running away, he told them that he was afraid of going back to the tent because he could be crippled again. The boy’s mother, with her hands on her head, cried uncontrollably with joy. Jesus had healed her boy. She received the Lord right there.


From the book titled What a giant of faith, written by Agrippa Khathide, Gospel Publishers, Johannesburg 1993, pages 48-50