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How a young man became possessed by an evil spirit after going to a spiritist seance just for ‘kicks’, thinking it would be fun to talk to the dead, and how he was delivered by the power of God


My brother, Huston Sumrall, was a pastor of a church in the St. Louis area. I went to see him. After I had preached for him, I preached for some other churches around St. Louis. In one city, after preaching on Sunday morning, I went out with the pastor to have lunch in a restaurant.

After lunch the pastor asked: ‘Would you go with me to pray for one of my members?’ I really didn’t want to go. But I said: ‘Well, I guess so’.

We drove to a humble little midwestern home, a two-bedroom white frame house with a swing on the front porch. We walked up on the porch, and the pastor opened the door.

Inside I saw a young man about 26 or 27 years old. His mother was kneeling down beside his chair saying: ‘Son, speak to me. Speak to Mama’. She had a platter in one hand and a spoon in the other. It was obvious that she had just fed him.

As it turned out, this young man had gone to a spiritist seance six months before. He had gone just for ‘kicks’, thinking it would be fun to talk to the dead and feel eerie spirits in the shadows. To him it was just a game. But the next morning he was found lying on his mother’s front porch. He had no shirt on, scratches all over his back, and he could not speak. When I arrived he had not said a word in six months.

He also became strange in his body movements. You could put his arm out and he would leave it there for hours in the same position. He did not seem to get tired. If you wanted it moved, you would have to move it yourself.

He could eat if food was placed in his mouth, so his mother fed him like a baby. He slept all right when he was put to bed, but he had to be stretched out because he would remain in the same position he was placed in all night long.

The mother didn’t know what had happened to cause this state to come on her son. All she knew was that she found him on the front porch in a coma. When she was finally able to get him inside, he couldn’t move his body or say a word. The family had asked for prayer so the pastor had asked me to go with him. The pastor didn’t tell me what the problem was, he just asked me to go with him to pray for one of his church families.

As we walked in the front door, we could hear the mother begging her son to speak to her. Just then I saw the strangest little curve at the edge of his mouth. It was a satanic grin, the grin of victory. It was the devil’s way of saying: ‘I’ve got you!’ A devilish little smirk that I could see from across the room.

Suddenly I leaped across that room like a panther. I grabbed that young man on both sided of his head, and I said: ‘You unclean spirit, you hear my voice. Come out! You speak to your mother and you hurry!’

The young man said: ‘Mother, I’m so sorry I’ve caused all this trouble for you. I promise never to do it again’. In our presence he told her how he had gotten messed up in a spiritist seance when he had let himself be put under a spell. He didn’t know what was going on until he was set free from that demonic possession.


From: Lester Sumrall, Alien Entities. A look behind the door to the spirit realm, printed in the USA by Whitaker House (PA), 1995, pages 160-162