‘You have a black angel’



In less than ten days’ time I was in another service in Java. I entered the church with my interpreter. The building was packed with people who had come to see the visiting preacher from America. The church was so full that extra chairs had to be put in the aisles. The interpreter and I made our way slowly through the crowd toward the platform.

About one third of the way down the aisle, someone grabbed hold of my coat sleeve and wouldn’t let go. I shook my arm to no effect. I looked around, and a Javanese woman had clinched my coat. I pulled, but she held tight. I didn’t know what to do since I was a stranger there.

I leaned over toward her and she grinned a strange smile, her eyes darting like serpent fangs. She said in English: ‘You have a black angel in you, and I have a white angel in me’. She ended her sentence with a hideous giggle.

The Spirit of the Lord rose up within me. I became angry. Suddenly I laid hands on her head and cried: ‘That is a lie! You have the devil in you and I have Jesus Christ within me!’

With a special anointing from God, I said in a firm voice: ‘Come out of her, you foul and unclean spirit!’

Instantly she released my coat. Her contorted face changed expression. She smiled and her eyes softened.

I asked her: ‘How long have you been possessed?’

She replied: ‘Fifteen years ago I went to a witch doctor with some domestic troubles. That is when the spirit possessed me. I have been abnormal ever since. But when you commanded that evil spirit to come out, it left me. It is gone now’.


From: Lester Sumrall, Alien Entities. A look behind the door to the spirit realm, printed in the USA by Whitaker House (PA), 1995, pages 155-156