Anna Lewini, a sister in the Lord, who was a former Danish actress, tells what she saw in Sweden during some meetings held by Smith Wigglesworth


In 1921 Smith Wigglesworth held some special meetings in Sweden. Anna Lewini, a former actress of Denmark, who attended these meetings, wrote: ‘Hundreds of people received Jesus as their Saviour. Thousands of believers awoke to new life. Many received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost as on the day of Pentecost. For all this we give God the glory. Here are a few examples of miracles our eyes have seen. The first meeting I attended was at Orebro. I came to seek help myself, being worn out with long, unbroken service in the Lord’s work. There was a meeting for healing. After the preaching service, I went forward into the other hall and was surprised to find a crowd following. As hands were laid upon me the power of God went through me in a mighty way. I was immediately well.

It was wonderful to notice, as the ministry continued, the effect upon the people as the power of the Lord came upon them. Some lifted their hands, crying: ‘I am healed! I am healed!’ Some fell on the platform overcome by the power of the Spirit. A young blind girl, as she was ministered to, cried out: ‘Oh, how many windows there are in this hall!’ During the three weeks the meetings continued, the great chapel was crowded daily, multitudes being healed and many saved. The testimony meetings were wonderful. One said: ‘I was deaf, they prayed, and Jesus healed me’. Another: ‘I had consumption, and I am free’. And so on.

At Stockholm crowds waited for hours to get in. At nearly every meeting, crowds were unable to enter the building, but they waited on, often hour after hour, for the chance, if any left the building, to step into the place. Here a man with two crutches, his whole body shaking with palsy, is lifted onto the platform. This man is anointed and hands laid on him in the name of Jesus. He is still shaking. Then he drops one crutch, and after a short time, the other one. His body is still shaking, but he takes the first step out in faith! He lifts one foot and then the other, and walks around the platform. The onlookers rejoice with him. Now he walks around the auditorium. Hallelujah!

During this meeting a woman began to shout. The preacher told her to be quiet, but instead she jumped upon a chair, flourishing her arms, and crying: ‘I am healed! I am healed! I had cancer in my mouth, and I was unsaved; but during the meeting as I listened to the Word of God, the Lord saved me and healed me of cancer in my mouth! I am saved! I am saved! I am healed of cancer!’ The people laughed and cried together.

Here was another woman unable to walk, sitting on a chair as she was ministered to. Her experience was the same as hundreds of others. She rose up, looking around, wondering if after all it was a dream. Suddenly she laughed and said: ‘My leg is healed!’ Afterwards she said: ‘I am not saved’, and streams of tears ran down her face. They prayed for her, and later she left the meeting healed and saved and full of joy. We have a wonderful Saviour!’


From: Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, pages 80-81