He had been dedicated to the Devil before he was born, but one day he was delivered from demons by the power of the Lord



Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira of Brazil was a powerful witch doctor that for many years worked in the office of the President of Brazil, and in the Ministry of War and other government agencies of that nation, but one day he was delivered from the powers of darkness that worked in him and through him. Here is his story.

‘Arlindo was dedicated to the devil before he was born. His mother, a Macumba spiritist, dedicated him to a special and strong demon prince before his birth. A few days before Arlindo’s birth, a reputable witch doctor put hot chicken blood (the chicken’s head was cut off before the ceremony) on his mother’s stomach. The blood was placed in the form of a cross. (Spiritists often use religious symbols, even Christian symbols, in their rituals; but with perverted meanings.) Arlindo’s mother then heard a masculine voice from her belly saying: ‘He is my son’.

By the time Arlindo was three years old, alien entities were moving within him very strongly. He was unruly and disobedient. A spirit manifested in him called Dr. Reubenstein. The spirit said it had manifested in a German doctor in a former life. When the spirit manifested, Arlindo, at three years of age, would write prescriptions in Latin. Sick people took these prescriptions to the druggist and he could read them. This caused Arlindo to be both hated and praised’ (Lester Sumrall, Alien Entities. A look behind the door to the spirit realm, printed in the USA by Whitaker House PA, 1995, page 125). There were at least 300 evil spirits that had manifested in him in his lifetime, among those spirits these are the ones that manifested in him most often:

‘1. Oxala (oh-chal-ah) – The head of all spirits.

2. Oxun (oh-chun) – A female spirit identified with the Virgin Mary.

3. Obum (oh-boom) – Known as St. George.

4. Oxafun (oh-chal-ah-foon) – Also called The Holy Spirit.

5. Oxaci (oh-schassi) – Prayed to as St. Sebastian.

6. Abaliuet or St. Lazarus – King of the cemeteries. Arlindo said that when Abaliuet manifested himself, he would twist Arlindo’s body so terribly that his assistants would have to pour oil on his limbs and work with them to straighten out the contorted joints. Abaliuet made him eat meat which had been left in the sun until it was rotten. Arlindo had to wash it down with olive oil.

7. Quinca Araviei Sara – This spirit was crippled and limped. He had a wife.

Some devils manifested themselves rarely, perhaps only once a year. Others called themselves by such titles as ‘King of the Sun’, ‘King of Man’, ‘The Morning Star,’ etc. (Ibid., pages 125-126).

Arlindo says that the world is divided into zones. Various spirits rule over different zones, such as the jungle, forests, seas, rivers, and other areas set off by natural boundaries. He also says that all the witchcraft sects in Brazil consider Oxala the head of all spirits.

With regard to his life before coming to Christ, Arlindo says: ‘The devils spoiled my life. I never had a normal childhood because of the devils in me, and I never knew the love of a mother or a father. When I went to school, the spirits would make trouble. They wouldn’t let me study and they caused me to fight with the teacher. When the teacher would give me work to do, a spirit would give the answer before the teacher was through presenting the problem. This would make her angry. Then the spirit would speak through my lips saying I knew more than she. This would make her even more angry. One day when I was just eight years old, a spirit manifested in me while in school, and I began to argue with the teacher. The spirit said: ‘You are the teacher, but I know more than you do’. The teacher complained to the principal, and I was discharged from school.

By the time Arlindo was sixteen years old the alien entities were very strong in him. He would often faint on the street. Once he was picked up and taken by ambulance to the hospital and then to jail. At this time Arlindo was back living with his parents. One night a spirit manifested in him and he did not come home until 2:00 a.m.

Arlindo says: ‘My father met me and said: ‘What kind of an hour of the night is this to come home?’ Arlindo remembers that the spirit replied to his father: ‘It’s no business of yours’. This angered my father,’ says Arlindo, ‘and he spoke bitterly to me. But the arrogant entity in me argued back. My father reached for a piece of wood to strike me. The demon entity said: ‘If you are a man, you can hit me with that’.

But my father’s arm became frozen in mid-air and he could not bring it down. ‘What are you?’ my father asked.

The spirit from within me responded: ‘I am Summa Quis Summa Qua (Sooma) I lived long before you’.

My father did not believe until the spirit told how he was the spirit who gave the enchantment which made it possible for my father to get my mother to marry him when she did not want to do so. My father broke down and confessed that the spirit was right and that he now believed in the spirit. After that my father supported me and my spirit work’.

According to Arlindo, the entity Summa Quis Summa Qua also said that he originally was an African who had died at the age of 165. This spirit claimed that he had previously lived in 350 persons.

The entities which dealt with Arlindo were mostly the chiefs of legions. One of these, named ‘Skullbones’ or ‘Crossbones’, called Arlindo ‘my apparatus’. In other words, what this spirit was saying to Arlindo was: ‘I operate through you. I control your body to accomplish my own desires’.

….. ‘Crossbones’ made Arlindo eat roaches, which he called ‘shrimp’. He made him eat poisonous toads. Arlindo says this spirit made him cut himself with a dagger, and then pour rum over the wounds. ….. This same spirit cursed Arlindo’s mother because he said that she drank his rum. Arlindo reports that this spirit had an unhealing sore on his foot.

Arlindo says that spiritism keeps people poor. Condomble, a strong form of witchcraft, uses mostly blood sacrifices, usually obtained from chickens, sheep, goats and other animals, but also from humans.

Spiritism demands costly clothes and costumes. The spirit, Eixu, made Arlindo buy an expensive outfit just to please him. Some devils demand a golden sword or they will not manifest themselves.

Spiritism teaches people not to believe in Judgment Day or the end of the world. Instead, it teaches reincarnation. All spirits live forever, they say, they are born again and again. Spirits never speak of sin, just of ‘faults’. Neither do they speak of faith, they know nothing of it. The leading spirits told Arlindo that they had never died and that they were created and had lived before Jesus.

One time Arlindo was invited to a great witchcraft dancing session where some 4,000 witchcraft followers and hundreds of witch doctors were present. He did not find the dances very good; most of the dancers did not manifest demon power but were just doing it themselves. Finally, because he found fault with the dancing, Arlindo was asked to show what he could do. He danced for hours by the power of spirits.

As a result, an American dancer who was there to study witchcraft dances chose Arlindo to teach her. For several months he taught the American to dance the Macumba dances. He trained her also to have the spirits manifest in her to help her to dance. He danced as her partner in a number of nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro.

Some popular American dancers have gone to the devil to learn demon dances. They show them on the American stage, films and television. Many people learn these dances and practice them with no idea of their origin and real meaning and purpose’.

(ibid. pages. 126-130)

The spirits never show kindness or affection to people, even to their mediums, for Arlindo said: ‘There has never been an alien entity who had any affection for any human being’. He went on to say that they would help a person and even protect him for a while, but they showed no personal interest in him at all. They never showed any kindness or love for any human’ (Ibid., page 130)

Now, let’s see how Arlindo was delivered from the powers of darkness.

‘One day when Arlindo came home from work, he found that his wife had packed up and left him. She just couldn’t stand the devil in him anymore, so she moved out. She took all the furniture, the stove, the bed, everything she could. The house was almost bare. Arlindo never found her.

Since he had no other place to stay, Arlindo moved in with his sister, who happened to be a member of a Full Gospel church. The pastor of that church lived right next door. As soon as he learned that Arlindo was a witch doctor, the pastor set in to free him from his demon possession. He persistently rebuked the devil in him until he set him free’ (Ibid. page 124)