Epileptic seizure healed



Incident happened in Buthan


Deepak Drukpa was an Orthodox Buddhist living in Thimphu, Bhutan. He was oppressed by demonic spirits, which caused him to have epileptic seizures. Whenever he was attacked, he would have seizures, and then go crazy. Because of these frequent spells, he couldn’t live a normal life, or keep a job. He did get married and had three sons, but the demonic attacks kept his family in much distress. Being a religious man, Deepak did lots of pujas (idol worshiping) to try to get free from the bondage, but found no relief. 

His parents finally took him to the witch doctor. They provided animal sacrifices to the witchdoctor of goat, hen, pigeon, cow, animal blood, and eggs for him to use in his magic spells. They also spent the equivalent of $4,500 US for the witchdoctor’s services. But nothing helped   Deepak; instead he got worse. 

Finally, when nothing worked, Deepak got so desperate that he tried to commit suicide. Fortunately he didn’t succeed. Then God spoke to a local Bhutanese believer named Phuntsho, who didn’t even know where Deepak lived, and told him to go and pray for him. God led Phuntsho to Deepak’s’ house, where he shared the Gospel with Deepak, anointed him with oil, and prayed for him. Suddenly Deepak started to scream loudly, and fell down unconscious on the floor. After half an hour he woke up, and was completely free. He was so happy to be free from torment at last, that he jumped up and down, lifted his hands, and loudly gave thanks and praise to God. Because of Deepak’s deliverance, all his family and friends and neighbors accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Now Deepak has become a strong believer, and is a living testimony in the Bhutanese church. He works as a teacher in a primary school.