Incident happened in Buthan


Recently an exciting miracle took place in Thimphu church. One man named Pemba, 29 years old, was married with two sons and three daughters. He had studied at Oxford University in London, and was a well-educated intellectual man. But when he came to Bhutan, he became mad. He came to the church regularly, and disturbed the Sunday services. He shouted and screamed and threw the shoes around outside. He ripped out all the flowers planted outside the church and scattered them around. Some of the believers that came from far away kept their food bags outside the church. While the meeting was going on, Pemba ate it all.

  One man in the church had the responsibility to watch the shoes outside, so they would not get stolen. One day, the mad man Pemba was outside the church, playing with the shoes during the service. The brother who watched the shoes took his hand and brought him inside the church. When the preaching was over, the pastor and all the believers prayed for him. Immediately Pemba fell down on the floor. For fifteen minutes he was slain. Then he woke up and stretched his body. The Pastor asked him, How are you feeling? Pemba answered, Im fine! From that day he was totally delivered. Because of what Jesus did for him, Pemba accepted Jesus as his Savior. When they saw the miracle that took place in his life, his wife, children, and many friends and relatives also received Jesus, and are now attending church.