A young man called Tkomu, after he was converted to the Lord, became lukewarm and lazy in the spiritual life. He was 18 years old and was attending secondary school.

The Lord, through a dream, tried to set him on the right track. That young man dreamed he was seeing a big fire afar off, and before that fire there was a line of people. The fire was approaching and some of those people who were waiting before him had already began to burn. When his turn came, he raised his arms and implored: ‘Please, wait, do not cast me into the fire’. He was said: ‘Stand aside!’ and he woke up. But that warning was useless. He continued to trouble believers by scandalizing the new converts and creating confusion.

The Lord gave him another dream. He saw again a line of people who were waiting for the judgement. The people were seized one after the other and put with their head down into a cauldron full of boiling water. When his turn approached, he cried out: ‘Please, forgive me. Give me some other time’. Then he was pushed aside and he woke up. However, no change came about in that killjoy, who continued to scandalize believers.

Then the Lord gave him a third dream, which was the final dream. That young man saw a dark forest and heard a voice saying to him: ‘If you don’t devote yourself completely to the Lord, you will end up in darkness and fire’.

Dreams made an impression on that young reactionary person. It happened to him what is written in the book of Job (7:14): ‘Thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions’. He was aware of being in a dangerous situation, and yet he did not repent.

A short time after the third dream, he went to the school store. There he had a quarrel with someone and at the end he drew out a knife to strike the other person. However, the other guy snatched the knife from his hands and struck him seriously. He fell to the ground shouting for help, but nobody helped him. That’s what happens sometimes when there is an accident. He bled to death. The time of grace was over. He had refused to heed the three warnings.


Incidents happened in South Africa


From: Kurth E. Koch, Dio tra gli Zulů [God among Zulus], Azzate (Varese), Italy 1991, page 162