In 1967, a young girl was converted to the Lord. She became a very devout Christian and led many people to the Lord. She warned the lukewarm Christians with these words: ‘You can’t trifle with God!’

However, her first love faded away, and her zeal waned. She eventually became involved in the sins of the world again. She prostituted herself and lived an unhappy life. She did not show up at any worship service for nine years.

In the month of March, 1976, she came to Siza Bantu and she attended a worship service which was held in a garage. A strong storm broke. The girl was in the middle of a crowd of more than a thousand people. A lightning struck her and she fell to the ground unconscious. Only that girl was struck. They took her to the hospital. After several hours she recovered consciousness, but she was not able to speak.

After a couple of hours, she began to speak again little by little. She sent for a pastor and she said to him: ‘All this happened because of my fault. As Paul was knocked to the ground (Acts 9) so I was knocked to the ground. It was the consequence of my sinful life!’.

A terrible confession followed. The pastor had never heard such a terrible confession during his ministry. The sinful life of that girl, since 1967, could have filled a book.

The lightning had left one of her sides paralyzed. At six o’clock in the afternoon Erlo came back from the ministry fulfilled outside the town. He found Siza Bantu wet, while everywhere the weather had been beautiful. At a distance of 3 kilometres, a believer had not heard the storm at all. Therefore the bad weather had limited itself only to Siza Bantu.

That girl wanted immediately to talk with Erlo. She said: ‘I have asked the Lord to forgive me, but now I want to ask for God’s forgiveness in the presence of Erlo as well’.

Erlo prayed with her, and the palsy disappeared. Then she said: ‘Now I must go to ask my mother and many other people to forgive me’


Incident happened in South Africa


From: Kurth E. Koch, Dio tra gli Zulù [God among Zulus], Azzate (Varese), Italy, 1991, pages 206-207