They covenanted together and were blown up



During a revival meeting at a certain lumber camp, seven young men agreed together that they never would go to that altar. They shook hands and covenanted together that they never would go to the altar without being carried there. The following day they were at work in a mill at the lumber camp, when the boiler burst and these seven young men, and no others, were instantly killed. Their dead bodies were carried to that very altar, and the funeral held in that church. Sinner man, think not that God Almighty is not keeping account of all your words and actions. Beware how you trifle with His laws. "Though hand join hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished." (Prov. 11:21)


From: SIN, THE TELL-TALE By William Edward Shepard, God's Revivalist Press, Ringgold, Young and Channing Sts. Cincinnati, O.