The iroquois theater holocaust



The writer was in Chicago when that holocaust occurred in the Iroquois theater, which resulted in the death of so many hundreds of people, including many church members and some preachers. What a stigma upon the religion of Jesus Christ when preachers and members of the church will so crucify Jesus Christ afresh by attending one of the lowest classes of theatrical performances such as Bluebeard, where indecent actresses appear on the stage in such immodest and scanty clothing as upon this occasion! And then to cap the very climax of sin in the ridicule of God's plain word, to incorporate into the wicked play the statement that hell had cooled off, or some similar statement, no wonder about that time God proved that it was as hot as ever. Lo, the draperies are on fire, the stage is ablaze, the congregation stampedes, pandemonium prevails. The people trample one another under foot in their mad rush for the doors, while smoke and flame do their deadly work. What is the result? Several hundred people are in eternity in a few minutes. "Be not deceived; God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."


From: SIN, THE TELL-TALE By William Edward Shepard, God's Revivalist Press, Ringgold, Young and Channing Sts. Cincinnati, O.