The mockers blown to pieces



Near Sarahsville, Ohio, a revival meeting was in progress in a schoolhouse, in charge of two evangelists, S. K. Wheatlake, of the Free Methodist church, and a preacher of the Wesleyan Methodist church. There was great bitterness against the meeting and more or less persecution. At one time a skunk was thrown in at the window. At the close of the service each night for a week or so, three young men would station themselves on certain hilltops adjoining, and yell to each other, "The Wesleyan Methodists and the Free Methodists ought to be made into mince meat and fed to the dogs." The air was very clear and still, and their voices could be heard for a great distance over the country.

About three weeks after the revival meetings closed there was a terrific explosion of an engine near by, and these three men who yelled from the hilltops, together with another man, were standing close by, and they were literally blown to pieces, and before the parts of their bodies could be gathered together, the dogs were eating their flesh.


From: SIN, THE TELL-TALE By William Edward Shepard, God's Revivalist Press, Ringgold, Young and Channing Sts. Cincinnati, O.