Impending damnation seen in a dream



I have lately had the joy of seeing three old backsliders return unto God, and besides, of seeing their backslidings healed. O that others of this class would also return to the Lord before repentance is hid from their eyes! On the death of one of these poor, unhappy wanderers, I have lately had many sorrowful reflections. For some years she was a member of my class, but her heart departed from God, and then she left His people. I followed her closely in her wanderings from the "fountain of living waters," and frequently warned her, and entreated her to return. At length she gave me a flat denial, saying, "I will never join the society at ____." The Lord still strove with her. One night she had a most terrific dream, and by her horrid screams in sleep, she alarmed the house in which she lived, When pressed the following morning to tell what it was that induced her to utter such cries in the night, she was not at first willing it should be known, but after a while she said, "I dreamed I was dying unprepared, and that I saw Satan standing by the bedside, waiting to carry away my departing soul." When I heard of this, I told her it was certainly an awful warning from God, and that she ought not any longer to quench the Spirit. But all was in vain; her heart continued obdurate. When she got married, feeling I could not yet entirely give her up, I went to her house for the purpose of once more trying to persuade her to return to that Savior whom she had forsaken, but my efforts were apparently fruitless. Judge what were my feelings when, a short time after, I heard she was dead! She was ill only from the Friday to the Tuesday following. The doctors who attended her saw the disease was mortal and told her husband of it. She had no apprehension of danger herself, and her husband had not the courage to communicate the doctor's opinion till just before she expired!