Breaking vows


At one time we were called to see a man who was very low with typhoid fever. His wife was a Christian and attended church, but he was uninterested and would not come. Now he seemed penitent and was going to do better if the Lord spared him. He asked us to pray and promised definitely that he would seek the Lord and be faithful. We did pray. The Lord undertook and the man improved rapidly and was soon well. But, as usual, he forgot his vows to God and went on. A couple of months went by, and he cut his finger while shaving a man. He was a barber. Nothing serious, but after a day or so it began to give him some pain. It grew worse. The doctor was sent for and said, "Slight blood poison, not serious. He will soon be all right." But he was not all right. The doctor did his best but the man rapidly grew worse. He sent for us to come and pray. When we arrived he said, "Brother Tidwell, I have lied to God. I promised Him that I would do better, become a Christian and go to church. He was good to me when I had fever and raised me up, but I lied to Him. I am sorry, but pray again and tell Him if He will raise me up this time I will surely keep my word." We prayed as earnestly as we knew how. However, it was difficult to pray. He grew worse and worse. Soon his whole arm, and much of his body, was swollen. He died in agony. Died, so far as we know, without God. Multitudes are living under promise now. They have made promises to God, but have broken them. They have forgotten, but God has not. It is a dangerous thing to trifle with God.


From: EFFECTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS By William Moses Tidwell, Printed in U.S.A. 1943, Beacon Hill Press Kansas City, Mo.