God repays our good works


Occasionally a benevolent action done in faith brings with it an instantaneous recompense in kind. Therein Providence is seen as smiling upon the deed. While walking in Cheapside, the late John Andrew Jones, a poor Baptist minister, was appealed to by someone he knew for help. He had but a shilling in the world, and poised it in his mind, to give or not to give? The greater distress of his acquaintance prevailed, and he gave his all, walking away with a sweet remembrance of the promise, "He that has pity on the poor, lends to the Lord, and that which he has given, will he pay him again." He had not gone a hundred yards further before he met a gentleman who said "Ah, Mr. Jones, I am glad to see you. I have had this sovereign in my waistcoat pocket this past week for some needy minister, and you may as well have it." Mr. Jones often added, when telling the story, "If I had not stopped to give relief I would have missed the gentleman and the sovereign too."


Charles Haddon Spurgeon