Laos: God amidst the Khmu


Many Christians prayed for an evangelist who had been arrested for preaching the gospel to members of the Khmu tribe. He was publicly chained by government officials, and imprisoned in a pit for four days. Since his release, the Christian church in the village has grown from 100 to 700 members. The government official who wanted to destroy the church died of a sudden heart attack shortly after beating and harassing Christians. His family has also been affected: soon after his death, one of his sons broke both legs in a motorcycle accident, and another fell ill and is near death in the capital. "Through these events, the Khmu have seen God's power clearly demonstrated", says mission agency Asian Minority Outreach. Government officials now think twice before acting against Christians, who now have a much freer hand than before.


Source: Asian Minority Outreach, Fax (+66)-53-281778.