Pictures of Hindu gods fall off the walls



Daniel Rutschmann, initiator of a Christian fellowship for foreigners in Berne, reports of several miracles which they have experienced in the past months:

"I was recently reminded of a story in 1 Samuel chapter 5. The Philistines took the Ark of the Covenant and put it in their god's temple. The next morning, the statue was lying on its face in front of the Ark. They lifted it back in place, with the same result the following morning. A Tamil woman was brought to the service last year because she had bad asthma. She asked us to pray that she would be healed, and afterwards came regularly to the service and converted from Hinduism to Jesus. In her apartment, she had many pictures of Hindu gods; one day, they all fell to the ground. Her husband hung them back on the wall and fastened them with sticky tape. When the woman returned home after a service, they were all on the floor again, even though nobody had been at home. Her Hindu husband was naturally amazed, but at the request of his wife, they threw the pictures away."