He hated the Christians


Incident happened in China


Once a brother surnamed Zhang was caught. The authorities summoned a lot of people to see him tortured. They wanted to use that as a deterrent to stop people from believing in Jesus. They hanged him upside down; they struck him and flogged him. He cried unto the Lord: ĎLord, Peter was hanged upside down for You, but Iím not worthy!í

When the other brothers and sisters saw that, they wept bitterly. Even some of the non-believers wept as well. However, those who persecuted the Christians most severely all had a very bitter end. There was an officer who used to be in the army. He hated the Christians. Once when Jian [my note: a brother who became a Christian in 1974 and who was very zealous for the cause of the Gospel] was arrested, he tied Jian up, put him on the floor, stepped on his back and kicked him. And he said: ĎIím not stepping on you, Iím stepping on your Lord; Iím not binding you, Iím binding your Lord. Iíll see what your God can do to me!í Then he took Jian to parade in the street. He kept beating Jian while he was speaking: ĎWhere is your Lord? Why doesnít he come and deliver you? Why doesnít he come and compete with me?í All of a sudden, a rabid dog came out of a lane and bit his leg. Then his wound became festered and his stomach was swollen. Within two months he died a terrible deathí.


From: Danyun, Lilies amongst thorns, Sovereign World Ltd. England, 1991, pages 283-284