The target at which God aimed


Cromwell, the well-known English 'Protector' who lived in the XVII century, had ordered all his soldiers to have a Bible in their kit bag.

One evening, after a day of hard fightings, a young soldier was returning safely to the camp. Wanting to take some bread out of his own kit bag, he put his hand on the Bible and discovered a mysterious round hole. He opened the book and found guess what he found he found a bullet embedded into the book, exactly into the book of Ecclesiastes and precisely by the passage which says: "Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come, and the years draw near when you say: 'I have no pleasure in them' (Ecclesiastes 12:1 - NKJV).

The young soldier read those words, which led him to search and find inside that book the message of salvation. He became a true believer and afterward he used to say: 'I owe my life to my Bible: both the life of my body, which it protected in the battlefield, and the life of my soul, which I found in Jesus Christ'.


From: Il Buon Seme [The Good Seed]