Try it on me



We were in the midst of an interesting series of meetings in New York. Among those attending from no promising motives was Mr. Olin, a lawyer of marked ability and influence in the town.

One evening, at the close of the sermon, when an opportunity was given for remarks, Mr. Olin rose, and, in a bold and defiant tone, said:

"Mr. Earle, I have heard you speak repeatedly in these meetings of the 'power of prayer,' and I don't believe a word of it; but if you want to try a hard case, take me."

I said, "Mr. Olin, if you will come to the front seat, we will pray for you now."

He replied, "I will do nothing of the kind; but if you have 'power in prayer,' try it on me.

Before closing the meeting, I requested all who were willing, to go to their closets at a given hour, and pray earnestly for Mr. Olin; and I requested him to remember at that hour that we were praying for him.

The second or third evening after this, Mr. Olin rose in our meeting, and urged us to pray for him. I asked him if he would come forward and let us pray with him. He said:

"Yes, anywhere, if God will only have mercy on so great a sinner."

In a few days he was a rejoicing Christian, and soon after sold his law books, and became a preacher of the gospel. He is now a presiding elder in the Methodist church. -- A. B. Earle,

From: "Incidents Used ... In His Meetings," published in 1888


From: SELECTED SERMON ILLUSTRATIONS From The Writings of Absalom Backas (A.B.) Earle And The Writings of J. Wilbur Chapman